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Jul 9

Jouranl for PAGEONE: Petaluma Paperbacks book store


Logo and web site for bookstore in Petaluma, CA.
It’a s good guidance for me to built my website. It includes 4 sections: books list, books review, books introduction and shopping. The best thing is it allows viewer looking for books by authors and advise for related books. DOUBAN is the other website for reference. 
PAGEONE is a cafe&book shop, it contains at least three sections: food and book (music?) + membership.  So i probably have to compress some work. So far I come up with 3 options:
  1. Simply providing menu is a good idea for cafe part. Focusing on books details.
  2. Focusing on social features. Allows customers sign in and exchange reviews of books (or foods?)—-But I suppose Facebook might work better than this.
  3. Focusing on activity activities and events. (Keep same with mobile app)
Colour, typography, web functions, 

Jul 8

Best inadvertent book juxtaposition at my bookstore.
Photo by Kelsea.


Best inadvertent book juxtaposition at my bookstore.

Photo by Kelsea.

Jul 7

Rad bookstore in Glebe


Rad bookstore in Glebe

Jul 6

#10: The South Beach Diet Gluten Solution: The Delicious, Doctor-Designed, Gluten-Aware Plan for Losing Weight and Feeling Great—Fast!


The South Beach Diet Gluten Solution
The South Beach Diet Gluten Solution: The Delicious, Doctor-Designed, Gluten-Aware Plan for Losing Weight and Feeling Great—Fast!
Arthur Agatston , Natalie Geary
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Download: $9.45

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Jun 7

Buying Books Online: Buy Books Online – The Truth About Make Money Online E Books


Who does not wants to sit in their home on their computer and earn huge bucks? Considering the same idea, many people came up with books and DVDs with programs that promise to teach you how to make money online!

             Books Online

If you look at such websites that market these E books and products, you will realize that all of these websites have the same pattern i.e. people in business suits with a smile on their face, a lot of money flying here and there, exotic cars and homes etc. Well, the thing is that, if you want to buy books online that are related to making money from the internet, then stop!

There is nothing that you will gain from these e books. There is always some hard to learn method that will tell you to do this and that to double your income. Most of the time these tips and tricks are mostly under the black hat techniques of internet. This means that these are hardly ever legal and even if they are, they are nothing something you will learn to do by just reading an e book about them. Therefore, do not buy books online that are related to making money online.

Online books like this are nothing but a waste of time and money that give you hope, but in actual they are making money online by ripping you off with worthless online books.

Jun 6

Science Fiction Book Club


for those who love to shop for books, ACTUAL BOOKS, not digital books for stupid little tablets, BOOKS, check this website out and their introductory deal. yes, it only sells science fiction and fantasy genres. sorry. 

just thought i would share this with people. 

Jun 5

Need a good place to find cheap books?


AbeBooks has lots of cheap and reliable sellers. This is where I got my text book from and have used it several times before. Some sellers are really quick with the delivery, others not so much. But there’s always an amazing deal to be found on there.

Jun 4

“People at Harvard read a lot.”—Or something like that.


“Cambridge, Mass. tops Amazon’s list of ‘well-read’ cities.” By Doug Gross

Read the whole story here:

(via allthingslibrary)

Jun 3 Online Bookstores Help Students Save Time and Money


library untitled

Online bookstores are not just fads. Here are some ways how students can save time and money through buying textbooks online.

Online bookstores are becoming real threats to brick and mortar or traditional bookstores. That is because through the years, sales of Internet-based book retailers have been growing in a fast rate. More consumers are getting more curious as they continue to hear raves about buying at those stores. It does not surprise anyone because there are more advantages of buying books at those Internet-based bookstores.

Students are standing to gain the most from the benefits of online bookshops. They can save time and money from opting to buy their textbooks online. With the advent of the Internet and modern technology, students can benefit more from shopping for books online. How can those bookstores help save time and money?

Saving time

Online bookstores help save time and precious effort particularly in finding required textbooks. Many students complain that many of the books they are required to buy and use are hard to find. At times, bookstores run out of stock of those. Thus, students are forced to check out other bookshops in other locations, cities, or even states. In many cases, it is harder to find the edition of the textbooks prescribed in classes.

When buying in an Internet-based bookstore, a student only needs to go online. Finding even the hardest to find textbooks can be done in just a few minutes. Online bookshops are also operating 24-7, even on weekends and holidays. Thus, students can go shopping for books anytime of the day, anywhere they can be as long as they have access to the Internet.

There is no need to drop by locations of bookstores. Books can be bought in printed or digital formats. Traditional books can be delivered to the address while digital textbooks can be downloaded instantly. The time saved can be spent doing other important school-related activities.

Saving money

Students who want to save money when buying textbooks usually prefer online retail bookshops. This is because bookstores operating online usually offer better deals. Those businesses do not need to pass on heavy overhead costs to customers as they do not need to lease retail shops and pay for more store employees.

Buying at online bookstores can also help save transportation expenses. Students do not need to go to any location just to buy books. They can now shop for books right at the convenience of their own homes, anytime they like. That can translate to more savings.

Image by Tess Roby